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Environment and Climate Change
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Environmental degradation manifested in desertification, salination of agricultural land, deforestation, contamination of aquifers, etc. has long been a recognized causal factor in migration; people have to move when the land where they live can no longer sustain life and work in decent conditions.

Climate change, notably global warming and its consequences such as rising sea levels, more intense and destructive storms, and accelerated desertification portend more compelled human displacement in coming years.

However, partial data or absence of critical data means there is still far from an adequate basis to anticipate the locations, nature and extent of likely displacement, nor the consequences. Some predictions of large movements and numbers of people displaced by climate change consequences appear highly exaggerated, yet are taken as basis for public policy debate. Research, data gathering, and consultation remain largely confined within but not across the various concerned scientific disciplines and policy networks. Initial responses and policy proposals remain generally reactive, partial, incoherent and manifestly inadequate.

GMPA is supporting efforts to obtain relevant data and research, to facilitate consultation and coordination among different disciplines and networks, and to formulate evidence-based and realistic policy and practical responses.


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