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Integration, Equality and Non-Discrimination
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Migration and the 'diversification' of societies around the world are facts of history and increasingly predominant features of this contemporary age of globalization. Increasing international migration means that nearly all States have become or are becoming more multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-religious, and multi-lingual. Addressing this reality means finding political, legal, social and economic mechanisms to ensure mutual respect, social cohesion, and mediation of relations across differences. At the essence, the point of departure is upholding and reinforcing universal principles and legal standards of non-discrimination and equality of treatment. Achieving these calls for facilitating integration in ever more diverse societies. This means that all those present are respected and can function and support themselves and their families in accordance with the law of the land. It also means facilitating newcomers' acquisition of language skills and knowledge that facilitate interacting with host societies while mutually respecting social and cultural identities.

Discriminatory treatment and behaviour have been widely documented and remain major barriers to effective participation by and integration with migrants/immigrants. However, hostility against, abuse of, and violence towards migrants and other non-nationals have become more visible worldwide. Lack of systemized documentation over time leaves unclear to what extent the increase is in the level of abuse or reflects increased exposure and reporting.

A wealth of experience in addressing discrimination and facilitating integration has been built through practical measures and initiatives by local and national governments, employers, trade unions, NGOs and migrant organizations. These experiences and good practices need to be widely shared as inspiration and as models for further efforts at all levels.

GMPA Associates bring a long and successful track record in research and advising governments, international organizations, social partners and civil society: on effective approaches to anti-discrimination; on discrimination situation testing; on obtaining equality of treatment; and on facilitating integration.


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