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The proven adage that good policy depends on good data equally applies to the field of international migration. The major sources of migration data are at the national level are administrative records, population censuses and sample surveys. Yet migration statistics and data at global, regional and national levels suffer from inadequate coverage, lack of internationally comparable standards and indicators, undue focus on demographic aspects at the expense of all important dimensions of labour, employment and skills, and lack of gender sensitivity. Migration data collection has not kept up with the information needs of policy makers for emerging issues of migration: mixed character of migration flows, temporary forms of labour migration including circular migration, developmental aspects of migration (remittances, return migration and diaspora profiles), irregular migration, and conditions of work and treatment of migrants in destination countries.

A number of UN and other agencies are involved in migration data collection and dissemination at global level with limited coordination among them. The OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) and the European Commission collect and disseminate data for selected groups of countries. At the same time many developing countries lack the capacity to produce good quality migration data.

GMPA supports promoting research, methodologies and databases that measure and account for economic, labour and social impacts and consequences of migration, not just migration flows and demographic trends.


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