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'Globalization' of economic processes under predominantly capitalist ownership and accumulation has produced and accelerated 'globalization' of capital flows, economic processes, resource exports, trade in goods, and technology transfers. It has promoted rapid technological changes and changing location, structure and organization of the work required to produce and distribute goods, services and knowledge. In combination with demographic developments, these features of globalization have stimulated, often required, increased international mobility of people to put labour and skills where evolving business and technological needs demand them.

The fundamental role of globalization processes in determining and directing international mobility of skills and labour is far from adequately understood. Yet better understanding is crucial to more effective and productive employment of skills and workers and to more efficient use of capital. It is also key to implementation of existing standards and instruments for regulating conditions facing migrants.

Understanding globalization trends will assist in forecasting and monitoring current and future movements of persons taking their labour and skills to where needed by employers and by investors of capital. The character and regulation of movements will remain primarily a function of market demand and supply factors. However, intense globalized competition increases pressures for lowering workplace protection and remuneration standards in places where higher conditions have been achieved. Ensuring decent working and living conditions for migrants urges application of existing international regulatory standards.

GMPA counts among Associates pioneers in research and analysis on the complex relationships between globalization and contemporary international migration. We offer research, knowledge and expertise on the globalization-migration nexus and its implications for migration governance, regulation, and practical measures.


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